Fuji Announces new 3D Camera

By Brian Thomas Jul 13th, 2009

Just when we thought digital cameras were becoming stale Fuji announces the first consumer 3D camera.

The new camera features two lenses which at about an eye-length’s apart. This dual lens setup allows the camera to capture roughly the same image from slightly different angles, giving it the 3D effect. The camera also looks like it is smiling at you, with the lens slider looking curiously like a smiling mouth with two lenses for eyes.

There will initially be two ways to view your new 3D images. The first is a special 3D picture frame. This fancy picture frame will likely set you back a couple hundred bucks on top of the 600 the camera costs. The other option will be to order prints online that are developed on a special 3D paper. There is no word yet on how much that will cost.

If the price is right, this whole 3D thing might work. If Fuji wants to charge me $600 for the camera, another couple hundred for the frame or $5 per photo, then that will certainly ensure its demise.

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